Facebook Beta And Messaging App Updated In Store With New Improvements

4:01 PM

Today Microsoft updated their Facebook BETA app and Messaging app for their Windows 10 mobile to version 10.0.4 and 1.10.28004.0. respectively.
Messaging app doesn't bring any  UI changes but it brings some changes in settings of the app.
What's New-
1. The settings page has changed a bit and the SIM related options are under the name of the network operator
2. You can now see chat settings under the operator messaging settings
3. You can choose to use chat, disable or enable read receipts and download files automatically.
In addition to that Microsoft also updated their Facebook Beta app for Windows 10 mobile. This update come with many new improvements and some new features.
What's New-
1. Improvements to contact sync.
2. Fixes for scaling issues.
3. Fixes for full screen video experience.
4. Bidirectional language support.
5. Improvements to notification settings.
6. Localization improvements and fixes.
7. Bug fixes.

Recently the app get redesign for Windows 10 mobile. Does our readers use this app? Does they are enjoying new design of the app, let us know in comment section below.
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