Windows Phone 10 is nearly on 5% of the whole Windows Phones now!

12:55 PM

Microsoft fans were excited from the very first day of the announcement of Windows 10. They started dreaming about getting their hands on Windows 10 both on PC devices as well as their Windows Phones.


Now Windows 10 for PCs is out and what remains, Windows 10 for phones. But thanks to the Windows Insider programme of Microsoft. Microsoft allows Windows Phone users to install Windows 10 for phones on their existing Windows phones via the Windows Insider programme.


From the day Microsoft started pushing Windows 10 for phones builds by their insider programme, people started installing those builds and now their constant hard work taking a good shape. The growth is constant. From the research of AdDuplex, we can notice that Windows 10 for phones has grown 1.4% from the last month which turns over a total of almost 5% who are just upgraded from Windows phone 8.1

So what we can say, people are appropriating the new builds. Though still some days left for the NY press event which will officially release the Windows 10 for phones hopefully. We can also guess that there are still some builds left before the public release.


If you are within the Insider programme you can get ur hands on Windows 10 for phones now! So what you are waiting for?

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