Windows 10 Mobile Build 10547: The Next Fast Ring Update for Insiders

Unknown 8:48 AM
Windows 10 on Lumia

If you couldn’t really resist all what happened this week, loads of app updated and Windows 10 Mobile Build 10536 (Screenshots, Issues and Improvements here) been released to Insiders, then we must share that Microsoft is currently on a top gear. The company’s team is already working hard to get you the next mobile build.

According to Gabriel Aul, the company is testing Build 10547 in the Internal Fast Ring, and we’re sure it might be out once the stability and performance is tested.

This tweet doesn’t means that you are bound to get the newer build tonight. As we said earlier, Microsoft team works hard to test each any every update on stability and performance benchmarks. Once that’s achieved and the update is quite a bug free, the build is released to the Insiders.

For those excited, keep your fingers crossed as the update maybe just 5-6 days ahead. Share your views and questions with us in the comment section below. (PS: We love to answer you back!) 

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