Twitter for Windows Phone updated, DM limit removed and Bugs fixes

Unknown 10:49 PM

Well, if you have been using the DM feature on Twitter app on your Windows Phone, then this is surely a great news. Following the changelog across web and other app platforms, the official Twitter app for Windows Phone has got a minor update to version Though the official change log just mentions, bug fixes, there are quite a few visible changes on the table. 
The first one to be observed was the removal of the 140 character limit under Direct Messaging or DMs, which means that even a Windows Phone user would be able to send messages to someone to a character limit of 10000. 
twitter app UI more tweetstwitter WP app UI profiletwitter WP app UI tweets

The UI of the app also seems to be changed a little, giving a more uber look to the application. We hope that with this update the way how Twitter pops the notification gets resolved too. The updated app can be found in the Windows Store here.
Download the application and share with us if find any new changes to the app. You can follow us on twitter - @windowshive

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