Super Fast Charging Feature in Lumia 940 & Lumia 940 XL

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Microsoft is projected to launch both the Lumia 940/950 and Lumia 940 XL/950 XL  and according to a newly leaked report, Microsoft is working on some really advanced features that could make these devices board some features which make them stand out.
Chinese website IThome has revealed that Microsoft might have just developed a super-fast charging system for its new phones that would make the battery level boom from 10% to 95% in just 25 minutes flat. (Yes, it too good to be true. But if it is, I am all game to buy the new Lumia.. err both of them :D ).
This feature does sound awesome and it would really be a great addition to fantastic features in the upcoming Lumia Phones, knowing that there is so much of anticipation from the first high end flagship from Microsoft in Windows Phones. Though this is a leaked news, and would be great to celebrate till Microsoft acknowledges the fact. 
Samsung's fast charging system
Out in the market, the fastest charge up is from Samsung for their latest flagship Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6+ which can be charged from 10% to 50% in 30 mins and takes just about an hour to charge upto 90%.  Which ideally means that if Microsoft is able to bring this fast charging feature out in the market, we are talking a USP  here. 
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