Microsoft releases UpdateAdvisor app to get you ready for the Windows 10 upgrade

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As you might be aware, Microsoft is set to release the Windows 10 Mobile sometime in October or November time frame and wants to get as many Windows Phone users on the Windows 10 Mobile platform. Keeping its promise, Microsoft has launched a new app in the store which will help users to check if an update is available for their phone and accordingly prompt to free up the space in order for the smooth up-gradation.

UpdateAdvisor app screenshot

It connects to the network to check for new updates, then helps you free up space for updates by recommending files that you can move to an SD card or OneDrive to make room for the update. After the update is completed, you can move the files back to your phone.

With the Update Advisor app, you can: 

  • Move songs, podcasts, pictures and videos to your SD card.
  • Move songs, podcasts, pictures and videos to OneDrive.
  • Delete songs, podcasts, pictures and videos from your phone.

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