Microsoft lists recommended specs for Windows 10 Mobile Value Phone / Premium Phone/ Value Phablet

3:33 PM

Microsoft's latest update reveals that Windows 10 mobiles will support lots of hardwares  from low range phones to high range.

Microsoft posted a status which shows the types of devices Microsoft expect OEMS to explore.

 The devices include value phones and phablets, and also what Microsoft calls Premium Phones. And all new devices will support 4G/LTE which enables the users for faster surfing and downloading.
The Premium handset is expected to feature Windows Hello (via IR Face Unlock), 2-4 GB of RAM, at least 32 GB storage, a full HD screen or better, 20 megapixel camera, and be less than 7.5mm thick and less than 160 g.

And in the status update by Microsoft we can see than there is a wild range of unique and interesting  features coming to Windows 10....!

What to know more read this document by Microsoft.

In the document Microsoft reveals the IR camera takes up about the same space as a normal front-facing camera, and that the camera does not have to have depth sensing, and of course fit into a less than 7.5mm thick device, meaning that the technology has already matured to the point where it would fit into a smartphone and still be affordable, and also suggesting that Microsoft’s next flagship will certainly have IR Face Unlock rather than the more finicky Iris Unlock.

Know more about the  IR Face Unlock from here

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