Microsoft introduces new diverse emojis for Windows 10 (Insider Preview)

1:46 PM

Microsoft released  build 10547 to Insiders on the fast ring yesterday, including so many interesting and unique features. Now its found that they have also introduced a bunch of new and diverse  emojis too. We have been waiting for several months in order to get these emojis and now atleast the Fast Ring Insiders got the update

Microsoft released Build 10547 to Insiders on the fast ring yesterday, and it includes some nice additions such as a new 4th column for the Start Menu. The company quietly added the new diverse emojis with the latest build too, but they didn’t talk about the new emojis – yet.

And these are some of the emojis introduced yesterday :emojis

 And Microsoft announced that in the new emojis  Middle Finger emojis will also be included on the new update

Here’s the new middle finger emoji on Windows 10:


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