Issues with Windows 10 Mobile Build 10536.004

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Windows 10 on Lumia

Windows 10 Mobile build 10536 was finally here a day before midnight, and was out with loads and loads of improvement.

Read here about the Windows 10 Mobile Build 10536 and about the improvements for this build. Though there is a vast improvement over the past build released, there are a few issues with this build. Highlighting what Gabriel Aul listed on the Windows Blog:
  • After rebooting your phone, you won’t see notifications, such as new messages, until you unlock your phone. After that, you should see notifications for new messages just fine.
  • “zStorage” appears in the Settings app under System and clicking on it causes the Settings app to crash.
  • Camera upload to OneDrive may not be enabled based on prior settings. To fix this, make sure you are running the latest version of OneDrive by opening the top left navigation bar, then settings on the right to verify that camera upload is turned on and you have the latest app (version 17.2).
  • Insiders will not be able to move from Slow to Fast rings temporarily; we are working on a fix but in the interim to move a device from Slow to Fast you will need to use the Windows Phone Recovery Tool to first start on Windows Phone 8.1 and opt directly into the Fast ring.
  • Additional languages for speech and keyboards won’t be available until tomorrow (9/15) and will error if you try to download. If you already have languages for speech and keyboards downloaded to your phone prior to upgrading, they will remain and available to use.

For Lumia 1020 users, Aul confirmed that the app will be available to download from the store in a month or two. Users can either wait to download or they can roll back to Windows Phone 8.1.

One very important issue which wasn’t highlighted is how the phone will hang, once you end the call. The call stays connected on your screen, while it has already ended and the screen stays in the call mode for next 15-20 seconds. Which is somewhat weird especially if you are a heave caller. Neither would you be able to make any calls nor receive any calls that time. The phone book stops operating as well as the history sheet and the dialer.

Something which we also noted was the Dialer + Recent Call App and People application isn’t really connected to each other. Like you search for someone name in recent callers and if it doesn’t reflects there, there is no way you can directly search in the phone book. You have to close it and go to the People Hub to search for the contact.

Lumia 830 running Windows 10 mobile build

Our suggestion: I took a risk of installing this update on the phone I use a primary. Would suggest users to wait for one more build to install on their primary phones. Though it’s a pretty smooth build, but there are a few nic nacks, a little hang ups and errors. If you have managed to get your hands on this update, please share your feedback and comments in section below.

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