Android-on-Windows tools updated to support Windows 10 Mobile Build 10536

11:01 AM
Android on Windows

Recently, Microsoft released a fresh build of Windows 10 mobile for insiders, build 10536. This build comes with a number of performance improvements related to stability, responsiveness and packs some minor tweaks too. Unfortunately, if you might have tried out to side-load/install Android apps on to this build, the previously leaked tools do not work. And here is why:
Microsoft added some new composition APIs with build 10536.1004 which added a new PreviewUIComposition flag to APPX manifest of Android apps — this means, if you install Android apps without this flag, the apps will fail to run on Build 10536.

Luckily, Microsoft comes up to this matter and releases a new update for the wconnect tool to a chosen group of developers who are working as part of Android testing program.

A fellow blogger, Mehedi Hassan, Associate Editor at WMPU, said:
I’ve tried out the updated tool and installed some Android apps using those tool — as expected, the Android apps work perfectly if you install using the updated tool.
Windows phone multi-task

The latest version of the wconnect.exe tool is version 201509032256.2.

If you want to install Android apps on your Windows Phone device, here is a complete tutorial. Moreover, if you are unsure whether the apps really work and clear any doubts, these apps work on Windows 10 mobile right now.

Please note, using the leaked unofficial tools could damage your device and make it useless. Try this at your own risk.


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