Alcatel just confirmed an upcoming Windows 10 Mobile

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If we believe the early words from Microsoft with the Windows 10 launch was to empower a lot of manufactures with Windows 10 OS software and a co-benefitting ecosystem. Looking at the trend now, I think Microsoft is almost on the right track.

One Touch Alcatel Windows 10 Phone

If there was not enough excitement with the announcement from Acer at IFA with Acer Jade Primo, then this news will definitely create a huge buzz out in the market.  According to evLeaks, there is supposedly another blockbuster Windows 10 handset from Alcatel, which is going to knock things over.

The Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL appears to be a middle range smartphone, with 2 GB of RAM & 16 GB on board storage, LTE and a large 720P screen, but unusually only has a Snapdragon 210 processor which is normally seen in the low end models.  This phone is expected to hit markets by the December this year.

From the official sources of CNET, Alcatel OneTouch Sr. VP of North America, Steve Cistulli in an interview just confirmed that a Windows 10 Device is on that cards. Though he didn’t confirm or approve of the information leaked in the tweet above but he surely confirmed that a Windows 10 Mobile will hit the market before the end of the year.

Point to be noted is that Microsoft still hasn’t really announced any Mid of Low Range of Windows 10 devices. Lumia 940/950 with their XLs are the only phones which will be launched soon. But the lower and middle range category has seen a lot of action by OEMs like Acer, Blu and now Alcatel.

Do let us know your views on this device? Will it be a good buy? Share your comments below. 

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