A new Windows 10 Mobile build, maybe just around the corner

Unknown 7:11 PM
If you are already on the latest Windows 10 Mobile build or if you are still on Windows 8.1 waiting for the most known stable mobile build, then there seems to be a good news for you. 

It's really been a while since the last Win10 build 10512 for mobiles was released. Though it came like a light rain as it has no major development over the 10666 release and the insiders didn't even opt for an umbrella. Expecting major feature release and more features for these builds, the insiders weren't really happy with the last release.
Last week Gabriel Aul had teased his followers with a new Build 10537 under testing, but we think it's still time for that build to be released yet. 
He tweeted, "Today is a “No Builds” day and Microsoft is working “Hard” and “late nights” to get a new build out this week." Which means that the Mobile team is really working very hard to get this build up to the insider's expectations, having said that we are sure that even if the build is getting delayed by a few days, we're surely going to have a better build from Microsoft.

Fingers crossed, we are hoping to get it as soon as possible. Follow us on twitter - @WindowsHive and stay updated with all latest from the Microsoft Corner.  Share your feedback or comments in the section below. 

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