Windows Hive is launching a new t-shirt campaign

6:54 PM
Our last t-shirt campaign (here) was a huge success and all of our fans who bought the t-shirts were happy after receiving it even with the delay in the delivery process.

So today we are back with another campaign and a new design,  a Windows 10 mobile design. The new design reflects new start-screen features. We have chosen some of the best apps with most of them from the platform itself.

Windows Hive t-shirts

In order for this campaign to be successful (and it will be), we have decided to take a vote from our fellow readers. The design color which gets the most votes will be passed on to the printing space to get printed!  

Please note, t-shirts will be available in two colors i.e Black & White, so you can buy which ever fits in or buy both :D

Pricing and other details will be available later.

Let's get Started!

You can either COMMENT TO VOTE on our Facebook post down below or use the STRAW POLL 
Vote for your favourite #Windows10 t-shirt.. The one with the most votes will get printed and THEN YOU CAN BUY IT 
Posted by Windows Phone Users Community on Monday, August 3, 2015


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