Windows 10 : How it improves my life every moment

8:37 PM
It was a boring Monday and to start off the day I switched on my PC. It had always helped me get rejuvenated and today was no such exception.

Windows 10 : Tablet Mode
So I get in to my little world, by scanning my retina or my fingerprint and sign into it. Maybe I like to sign in that way because that’s way too cooler than entering passwords. It then gets unlocked and I come across a beautifully designed start menu and sleek icons on the desktop. I then receive notifications at the action center, regarding any unread mails or a friend request on Facebook. Suddenly, Cortana pops us and gives me the latest news and what’s going around me. She is my personal assistant and is someone I can rely on. She also informs me if I have any appointments for the day and whether I need an umbrella or not when I go to work. I then click the start button and my live metro tiles only tell me more. I can even resize my start menu depending on my choice and change colors accordingly. Then Cortana reminds to open a website I had earlier told her to remember. So, I open MEdge and in a flash, it gets me on the webpage I wanted to view. I see something really cool and, want my friends to see it too. So I edit the page on the go, save the screen and share it with my colleagues. While surfing, I come across an article worth reading and it convinces me to switch on the reading mode for a better reading experience. I open Excel as I had to finish my work, and start multitasking. I read the article, while doing the assignments.

An earlier build of Windows 10 before it's launch
She then reminds me that I might get late to work and I needed to hurry. So, I pickup my PC and make it a laptop by removing the magnetic keyboard. I have now switched to the tablet mode which allows my device to be a tablet although being a laptop all thanks to the continuum feature. I have my food and continue to work while I am eating. I ask Cortana to shuffle my playlist and she plays one of my favorite songs. After having breakfast, I leave for office. I get to know the traffic and the shortest route available. Cortana gives me company on my way. She tells me jokes and interesting facts that are worth knowing.
I finally reach the place in no time. I have a quick glance at my watch only to realize that I was 10 minutes early, with all my assignments done.

Every moment, Windows 10 improves my life in ways others cant even imagine. It does a lot more every single day. All the credit goes to Windows 10 and Microsoft.

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