How to view your Windows Phone SMS on a Windows PC or a tablet

9:30 PM
Until now, the only way of reading SMS messages on your Windows Phone device was the built-in messaging app. But now the things have changed a bit. You can now view your SMS messages right on your desktop PC or a tablet device just with a small app named "Windows Phone Messages Backup".

messages back app Windows

The app downloads the back up of all the text messages from the cloud and with that you can browse and export all the messages both the sent as well as the received. It supports normal SMS text messages, picture messages, group messages, video message, and pretty much anything else. You can export messages and conversations as plain text or as a picture.

Here are the app features:
  • Read your text messages without needing your phone nearby
  • Export messages for archival or analysis

One thing that is worth noting is you will have to enable/set up back up of text messages under messaging app settings on your device and also a Microsoft account associated with the device is required!

Also, with this app you cannot SEND text messages, but hopefully Microsoft may add that feature in the future.

For now, the next update is coming soon with the features like the ability to search messages, force a refresh, export as XML, and optional push notifications.

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