Slack (Beta) is now available for Windows Mobile

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Let's read some official statement by the company about Slack and how it work it out:

The most productive, quickest way to understand how Slack can work for you is to use it with others. It’s not as much fun (or as effective) trying it out on your own. Here are just a few short things anyone trying Slack for the first time can explore.

  • Sign up
If you’re creating a team, invite the people you work with most, and get started together. If you’ve been invited to join a team, sign up using your company email, and set up your profile.

  • Download the apps
Get everyone on your team to download the desktop and mobile apps. Slack is also available through desktop browsers, but apps will give it a better experience all around.

  • Channel your conversations
The majority of Slack conversations are organized into open channels. It keeps work transparent and creates a searchable archive. You’ll start with a #general and a #random channel that everyone will join, and from there, create new channels as the need arises.

  • Upload something!
Part of the power of everything being in one place is having files, images, and anything your team is working on uploaded directly into Slack. Drag and drop, copy and paste or use the upload button. Ta da!

  • Explore integrations
Integrate some of the tools you use every day, directly into Slack, so that all notifications are available in one place and instantly searchable. This way, you can avoid all that constant switching between apps.

  • Set the notification level that suits you
You can adjust your notifications in your Team Menu > Preferences so you don’t miss anything important to you. You can also mute channels, set keywords to be alerted by, and set preferences for mobile and email notifications. It’s all in your hands.

If you’re a Slack user, rush over to the Microsoft Store and download the app. Make sure you share with your your "Slack" experiences.

Download the app here: Slack (Beta)

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