Microsoft’s Photo Story for Windows Phone is here

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Microsoft has just launched Photo Story, a brand new Windows Phone app that uses a computer vision and machine's automated learning to generate videos from photos taken on your Windows Phone.
Photo Story, which let's you create and share engaging stories using your photos is a Microsoft Garage creation. The Microsoft Garage team is behind many new projects which are completely consumer focused. The team plans and build such apps which revolve around consumer engagements.
How does Photo Story Works? 
Just choose a day, a theme, and a soundtrack, and that's it. The application will then automatically pick up best of your moments via the photos of the day and then make a video from them. Though it will let you customize the videos by choosing pictures you want in that video too. You can then share your videos on your favorite social media platforms or via OneDrive or over Emails.

Some Technical Info
PhotoStory, on the technical end looks for quality, the photos picked by the app are basis how much clarity is in the background, how's the weather or the focus on objects in the pictures. It also eliminates duplicates and pick up pictures which make video interesting! 

We have posted a video for you to view how the application works. 

The best part is that the entire process happens on your phone. Photo Story Application is available for all Windows Phone 8.1. It also works great with Cortana. For now, Microsoft has not shared any hints whether this app would be made for the iOS or Android ecosystems as well. 
We give this application a big Thumbs Up, and from our end, it's a highly recommended and a must be present app. Download the application here from Windows Phone Store.
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