Lumia Selfie app updated, picks up support for selfie sticks

4:41 PM
If you are a proud Lumia owner and a selfie freak, then there is a good news for you. Microsoft has released a new update for Lumia Selfie app. The update is not a major one, but a pretty good one for those craving for selfie sticks. The selfie stick connects via Bluetooth with your Lumia, which means more beautiful clicks and viewing angles.

Lumia Selfie

Here is a short description from the store.

Lumia Selfie is the perfect app for taking self portraits with your front or main camera and sharing them with your friends. It's easy to capture the perfect picture of yourself, automatically enhanced and ready to share. You can use a Treasure Tag accessory as a remote shutter in Lumia Selfie. You can also fine-tune your selfie’s appearance and apply high-quality effects. 

The latest update is now live in the store and you can grab it from here

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