Gameloft's March of Empires Probably Going to be the Best Strategy Game

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Gameloft is launching back to back hit titles. Few days ago they launched Siegefall. Now they teases about another Strategy game March of Empires.
The official Twitter handle of Gameloft posted a tweet about this. Though they dont have any particular release date for the game yet, but they mentioned that this game will arrive soon. They are going to release the game on all the platforms, Windows, iOS and Android.
Story of the Game
What we know at the moment, the game is based on European and Asian nation. There will be three nations to choose and there will be unique powers for each nations and also different troop types. There will be probably five troop types.

At the starting you'll have only the main building and others will be locked but as you progress, you'll have other buildings unlocked. The research centre will play a vital role for the progress.
There will be big map and you have to explore the map to capture other territories. On this way you'll meet other Rulers, they will either be your friends or your enemies, that is up to you.

Role of the Alliance
While you play the game, alliance will play the vital role on your progress. It is one of the most important thing on the game. You can merch and capture a province with you fellow alliance members.
alliance leader or officers can declare war of Non Aggression Pact.

There are much more things of the game. Initially the game has a big potential. I'm expecting that, this game will beat both Clash Of Clans and Clash of Kings, the most two downloaded Strategy games. If you are a strategy gamer like me, then you might be wondering when you can give your hands on this game? Stay tuned with us. We'll keep you updated.

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