Doodle Jump DC : New SuperHero in the town

10:19 PM
Few months back, Lima Sky,LLC launched Doodle Jump for windows Phone.Doodle Jump is one of the hottest game of all time.

This time, the Doodler is dressed up as batman and is now ready to save the world from evil guys.
Lima Sky,LLC the Developers of Doodle Jump has launched the new version of Doodle Jump called "Doodle Jump DC". DC's famous Superhero "batman" has now taken over the game.This time the game is fully Batman Themed, and Yea, the batman lovers will definitely love this game.
Our beloved Doodler learned some tricks from Batman and is now facing off against Gotham's most famous villians-The Penguin, Mr. Freeze, The Joker, The Riddler and more- in a chase to save the powerful stolen crystals.

  • Ka-pow! Face off against powerful villains in boss battles
  • Whoosh! Pursue evil doers with a batcopter, bat jetpack and more
  • Ka-ching! Collect crystals to upgrade your gear and catch the crooks faster
  • Bam! Level up to gain more powerful glides, batarangs, and crystal magnets
  • Whew! Stop your fall with a bat grappling gun

  • Tilt to move left or right. Tap the screen to shoot. Swipe to glide.
Doodle Jump DC is a fun remake of the original.The Batmans gadgets and costumes brings life into this classic game.Based on the description of the game given in the windows phone store, we may see more hero instalment in the future with Doodle Jump.According to me, bringing Marvel Comics into the gameplay will be more enjoyable to play on.No Offence DC fans.
Doodle Jump DC is free,ad-Supported windows phone game. However to get rid of those ad's you can buy the game for $0.99.
If you're looking for a small enjoyable game, with some decent graphics, Doodle Jump DC is worth the download.


Download Doodle Jump DC for Windows Phone (Free)

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