15 amazing answers from Cortana which proves why she is the best personal assistant yet.

9:58 PM
Everyone loves Cortana and we all know how amazing her sense of humour is. There is absolutely no denying that she is probably the most coolest personal assistant yet. Nowadays, there are many personal assistants but none can offer us what Cortana can. Precisely there still isn't anyone like Cortana simply available. Siri is good but not the best. Then, google now also challenges but the winner is only one, Cortana.

So, today we decided to test her by asking a series of questions both funny as well as the one which test her knowledge to a great extent. There is no denial that her answers are absolutely correct and to the point. Also her responses are way too hilarious and worth a read.

 Well, obviously fifteen questions are quite a few to judge her and, and there is much more she can offer. So please feel free to share your experience and don't forget to suggest us some questions in the comment box below, and we will surely ask her in the upcoming article.

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