People's app Circles animations in Windows 10 mobile 10149 demoed

10:42 PM
Microsoft with windows 10 has strongly fixed to a notion of people should be in circles and things should be in tiles. And they are going forward with in a very interesting way. So if a tile flips what would a circle do then? 
Microsoft's answer to it is circles roll. Although it seems quite a different approach and a complete diversion in the design philosophy of modern apps. And its working quite smoothly on Windows 10 Mobile 10149. I have to admit rolling  animation is quite awesome.  
"It is a nice addition to Windows Phone ecosystem" says S M A Sithick from Lovable Lumia the one who discovered this new addition. 
With the addition of this new animation, a thought struck us what if even more nice new tile animations are coming to windows 10? What do you think? Vote here 

And comment below the kind of animations you want to see in your future windows 10 mobile phone. 
If you want to know more about build 10149 features and bugs, check our detailed coverage here

Source: Lovable Lumia 

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