Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops launches on Windows Phone

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Renowned Windows and Windows Phone game publisher Game Troopers launched their 7th hit title and the sequel of Tiny Troopers, Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops. Game Troopers are really working hard for the Windows Phone OS. They have already published several hit titles like Tiny Troopers, Make It Rain etc and here comes another.The big thing thing is, all their games are Xbox Live titles so we can guess they give pretty much support to Microsoft.

About the Game

Lock and loaded! Lead your team of special Ops soldiers to victory in explosive action-packed missions. With greater threats in your way,upgrade and equip your soldiers with latest military hardware to help them make it through each warzone in one piece.

Opinions About the Game

Game troopers CEO Jesus Bosch said
This is one of the greatest games currently available in the store and we feel really proud being the ones launching it.
Daniel Espino,one of the Game Troopers producers said
We are really excited about bringing such wonderful game to our platform. Since the success of the first Tiny Troopers, these little soldiers have become part of our family. We hope all our fans have so much fun playing this game  as we had bringing it to you.
Exclusive Content for Windows Phone

Game troopers mentioned that they have bought several features in this game that are not yet available on iOS and android. Among those exclusive features you can costumes and these costumes will help you to do better in battlefield.

Final Impression

Overall,this game is nice and beautiful. Vibrant graphics and brilliant music makes this game awesome. The Xbox Live support makes this game more important. So if you are gathering Gamer points on your Xbox Live you should not wait more. Just jump in now!

Anyway, you can follow Game Troopers on Twitter by clicking here or you can visit their website by clicking here 

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