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My interest in mobile photography started 3 years ago. At that time I was using a nokia 700sl handset to take my pictures. I created a Facebook page called "mobile moment" and started posting my anonymous pictures with nice thoughts /quotations. At that time I didn't  wanted to give my name to my pictures. I have been practising for 2 years, every day and I started acquiring photography and started to gain a sense to it. Reflection has became my favourite topic and I acquired this topic the most.
2013, nokia700sl
I read about Lumia 1020 in 2014, this handset was the best camera phone on the market at that time. I decided to buy one to be able to practise my hobby on a higher level. I became a happy owner of a lumia 1020 in May 2014. Lumia brought a breakthrough to my life. I spent a lot of time on taking pictures, loved the feel of it, and the countless possibilities the handset brought to me. I became addicted to photography.

One o my first picture with Lumia
I liked this feeling so much that I spent almost all of my time with taking pictures.  I joined DSLR photo groups (FB) and I got a lot of acknowledgement for my pictures taken by my handset, however I gain lots of critical comment as well for using my phone to take pictures and not a DSLR camera. A lot of friends tried to convince me to use a DSLR instead, but I hold onto mobile photography because it has its special feeling. I tried some DSLR cameras but I did not feel comfortable with that big machine in my hand.
auto settings with flash
As I did not prefer the word of DSLR I stayed with mobile photography, and I completely indulged in it. I spent all my free time with walking on the streets and taking photos. As more and more people started to like my photos I created my page on Facebook called Lumiagrapher As of today it has more than a 1000 likes. 

Using lumia 1020 has brought me a lot success in the recent year.
Reflection and showing my topic through uncommon perspectives are my main profiles in photography, using simple editing tools. I usually use Creative Studio. It has everything what I need as I don’t like to manipulate photos too much.
The above photo was  chosen to be photo of the day on National Geographic website. Again I used only creative studio and thanks to the 41mp resolution,  also I was able to zoom in by cropping a large portion of the photo.

I won the movilfest photo contest in city color category with this picture, again using only creative studio to edit it. 
This photo of mine got into the final of Win Magazine photo contest and I have just got the great news that I placed second in the overall contest. The photo was minimaly edited in Creative studio, it got one effetc and the lights and sharpness was slighly amended.  

During these years I discovered that if you know how to use your Lumia 1020 it takes perfect short shutter speed photos. The   1/16000 shutter speed is fantastic.  Lots of DSLR cameras struggle to take photos in such a short time. 
The exif data of this picture: Shutter 1/16000, iso 4000, f-3.0, flash on.  I used hdrcameralite and creative studio to edit it.

My agenda is to promote mobile photography in my country, Hungary. I would like to increase the size of our community which could help us to learn and further develop our skills. I have discovered a lots of new friends thanks to mobile photography and it has changed my life.

This amazing photography article is written by Miklós Dudás! In his adventure he took his Lumia1020 with him and he used it in the perfect place and took some mind blowing photos!

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We, team WindowsHive and NLUC greatly appreciate his efforts for his awesome work!

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