Microsoft Edge for windows 10 Mobile now allows you to play music and videos in background

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Back in windows phone 8 days playing a video or listening to music from online is a hefty task because it only plays certain formats and it opens separately it lacked proper implementation plus lack of features left many users frustrated. When IE 11 came in with windows phone 8.1 many were happy that it adds html5 player inbuild now it solves the features part but got disappointed when while they discovered that there is no live streaming capability. And as all of the Windows Phone users know windows phone lacks proper background functionality for apps, IE is no exception for this. So while watching a video or listening to music if you got a message and went on to reply it the playback will stop the second you move away from IE. This frustrated me a lot as I used to watch a lot of videos online on my mobile. Sometimes when I return back the whole page reloads wiping  away the whole buffered data that was being loaded previously.
Edge now supports Live streaming 
   With the new Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Mobile it seems these issues were being addressed. We earlier reported the live streaming capability on Edge. And now we got report that Edge now supports background playback of both audio and video content from web. Now this could be a good sign to a lot of developers out there. Because many apps on Windows Phone are dependent on browser for some extent to perform some tasks. And with the addition of background download and live streaming capabilities developers get a lot to play with.
If you had noticed windows phone lacks proper live streaming apps, only some provide streaming and other are not upto the mark. This is because of no native support for live streaming on windows phone.
At least with windows 10 mobile I can listen to an online podcast with my screen locked and relax.
So did you ever get frustrated with IE on your windows phone? Comment your experience with IE down below.

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