You can get access to System files in Windows 10 Mobile Due to a bug in file explorer

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Bug or Feature we discovered a way to browse through the system files through  file explorer in windows 10 mobile. Microsoft recently released windows 10 mobile build 10149 for fast ring insiders with it we got a lot of improvements. So while browsing through file explorer we we stumbled open something interesting. Accidentally we are able to access the total system folder of the phone. It took a little while to figure out how to replicate the process.

So here is How  we got access to System folders:

Another Method, This one needs PC

In your Windows PC, create a shortcut to the C: drive anywhere:

Plug your phone to your PC, and copy that shortcut to the phone's storage root:

In the phone, open "File Explorer" app, and from the hamburger menu, choose "This Device".You should see the shortcut there:

Tap on the shortcut, and you're done.You will then be taken to the root of C: drive:

Tip: apps folders are located at C:\Data\PROGRAMS
Second method Source

After getting access to system files I did what any curious guy will do. Browsed through some familiar names. Tried to rename files, it didn't seemed to work. Then tried moving file that too didn't work. But copying files worked.  All of the folders arrangement seemed strikingly similar to system folders on a Windows PC. In the case of PC you need admin access to change/ rename or delete a file from system folders. But in the case windows phone user is considered as public not admin( i was judging it from the path of 'This Device' folder which is MainOS>Data>Users>Public ) here Microsoft will be the admin.

Something Interesting.....

Content of  sleep-study file 
While browsing through system file I found some file named sleepstudy-report-latest.xml. After some digging through internet I found this article. From which I understood that this is a detailed report of battery drain it collects in regular intervals while the devices screen is off and it is related connected standby.

Connected Standby on Windows Phone?  

By now most you might be thinking 'what is connected standby?'
Connected standby brings the smartphone power model to Windows PCs. A connected standby PC can instantly resume from sleep, and is always connected to the Internet. Apps in a connected standby PC are automatically updated while the system is in connected standby so that critical information—including email and messages—are already synced to the PC when the user turns it on.
USB Dual Role Drivers
 Connected Standby was developed by Microsoft to enable their surface tablets to stay connected to internet while in sleep but use very low power. With windows 10  Microsoft is set to unite all its platforms. All the variants of the OS is said to have single core. And also with all the new features in Windows 10 mobile Microsoft taking mobile phones much closer to Desktops. Basically they are packing a full PC into small form factor. Because Microsoft using much of the PC code may be to bring down power consumption to minimum they have used connected standby feature.

Or may be I am completely wrong about it. May be Windows Phone is using connected standby from windows phone 8.1 days Who knows? Nobody got access system files of windows phone.

Then found another file with something like USB dual role in the name. This related USB OTG. But this goes bit deeper. A OTG device can work as either host or a device at a single time but not both but USB dual role device can work as both host and device at the same time. But most of the cases USB OTG and USB dual role are considered  the same because of similarities.
Well you ask whether USB OTG is coming to windows 10 mobile? By seeing this info i can confirm to you that it is coming.

Sources: Winsupersite Microsoft Microchip

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