What In The World? New Windows Phone exclusive from Game Troopers with cortana integration

9:24 AM
Game troopers the developers of the famous game tiny trooper for windows phone has released another xbox game What In The World? with cortana integration.
This is a quiz game in which you need to guess what the word is by seeing the photo. There are more than 200 pics available and more to come in the future updates of the game. The game also supports multiplayer mode. You can ply with upto five f your friends. There are many categories in the game to TV and Movies, Celebrities, characters, Logos, countries and cities.
Here is a list of features:
  • Compete with your friends.
  • Get extra hints for correct answers
  • Share your scores with your friends through Facebook
  • Advance through levels as your skills improve
  • Achievements
  • Voice recognition system in 9 different languages
  • Tiles and Cortana.
The game troopers team has been actively releasing their games into windows phone. Although they entered Windows phone market recently they have a couple of successful games. Also recently they launched Monsters Go, Overkill 3. And have also revealed many games are in works. 
Get the game from here

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