Test your reflexes with 'Don't let the dot die', a minimalistic WindowsPhone game

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Don't let the Dot die is a beautiful fast paced game that will give a test to your reflexes and concentration levels. The game itself is very simple and easy to play. And will be a good time pass.


As you start the game you will observe a white dot in the middle of a big circle and a circle will be expanding from the middle dot. When the circle reaches the outer circle it will stop expanding and will start to contract. When it reaches the dot the dot will die by exploding. What you need to do is just tap on the screen to stop the expanding or contracting of the circle. And it will become the boundary for next pulse. So you need to tap at the perfect time to get maximum room for the next pulse. The pulse speed remains constant throughout the game but as we can't tap the screen at the perfect time in each and every pulse the time needed to respond for the next pulse the circle radius will keep on shrinking and we will feel that the pulses are getting faster.

When you are able to stop the pulse at exactly the same point where the previous pulse is stopped it will be said as perfect. And if you stop the pulse far before or after it reaches the boundary, You will have an option to withdraw the move entirely just by watching an ad. If you dont want to then no problem you can continue without interruption. You can continue like this until the the dot gets exploded because of the retracted pulse.


  • Quick fix, fast paced gameplay you can actually progress in.
  • Easy to learn but extremely hard to master.
  • Beautiful, minimalistic and mesmerizing design with the pressure put on the gameplay.
  • Share a beautiful picture of your score and your whole progress.
  • Test your reflex and concentration to get the highest score.
Overall the game is very easy to play but hard to master. The design and responsiveness of the game impressed me. One thing that disappointed me is that there is no volume control for the game, so to disable sounds in the game you need to mute your phone volume which is annoying. Yet the sound effects are great. Its is very hard to get a score greater than 50. So, far I managed to get 43. Lets see how much you will be able to get. Comment your score below. The game is a 4MB free download from store supports 512MB RAM devices. 

Download Don't Let the Dot Die from here or Scan the QR-code below

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