New Windows Phone user? Now get 'Try Lumia' app for #windowsphone to better know what you could do on your phone

8:49 AM
Microsoft released 'Try Lumia' app recently to they say basically help new users about what they could do with their new Lumia phone. The app has various video tutorials to help users with some features like Cortana, maps, taking pics, calls etc,.. Most of the basic things.
The app's description is also simple
New to Windows? Find out how to chat, search, travel, share, work, play and more across all your devices.
It is basically a webapp for which Microsoft released a while back. It also functions same as the was released to give a preview for those want to know about windows phone.Basically try out how it feels like to be a windows phone user.
Download Try Lumia from here

 But what is the point of releasing releasing this app on windows phone.
Don't you think it is unnecessary? Or Do you think this app do have some uses? Comment below.

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