New file picker menu, and notifications center for windows 10 mobile

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As the time passes by Microsoft is busy improving their Windows 10 mobile OS. From the first insider preview for mobile build they have added a ton of new features to mobile version. Back in the year the addition new file picker for windows phone 8.1 was a welcome change. But it was a little difficult to use if you are having a lot of file on your device. And then there is another problem what if the file is not on the device and it is in the cloud? or What if you want to create the file instantly like taking the pic of something interesting going around you at that moment?
So Microsoft took the next evolutionary step for file picker for windows 10 mobile. You can now pick file easily with this new file picker. They have added almost all the ways you could pick a file from.

For example, when we tried to pick a photo to upload we got the above file picker menu. It gives you basically all the way you could upload a photo. While in windows phone 8.1 it would directly take you to photos app. But here you have the freedom to choose from where you want to upload. Even you have the option to upload directly from camera and Onedrive. and also all these different options open up in their respective apps. Yet we have not been able to see this file picker in the windows phone apps running on windows 10 mobile while tired to pick a file except for microsoft edge. So it looks like a new api.

New Action Center in Build 10149:

New in Build 10149:

  • New flash light toggle
  • Now has four rows
  • New privacy settings( now you can make notifications to be private) 
  • Now tap hold the toggles to open the setting related to it( works with most of the on/off toggles)
  • New onenote toggle(requires onenote app, can be downloaded from store beta)

The most awesome thing about notification center in this build is to be able to keep notifications private. This makes us think how much Microsoft values users privacy. It would be more useful if they also adds similar kind of privacy settings for opening apps too. that would be the most welcomed feature. Don't think ?

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