Monster Go! Goes for a fresh round of Update

Unknown 9:22 AM
Just a week back, Game Troopers released the exciting runner game Monster GO! for Windows Phone. Check our review of the game here. There were a few bugs which were identified as more and more players hooked on this game.

Now the team has just released an update to the game which removes a lot of bugs. In the official release note sent to us by Jesus Bosch, CEO and Founder, Game Troopers, the following changes in the new update have been made:

  • Challenges and Achievements fixed
  • Jump issues on some devices fixed
  • Fixed issues and performance improvements on several low end devices
  • When player resets the skills he receives all the points
  • Fireworks hability fixed

There were a few complaints from certain users that the game used to crash while loading, which we are sure will get sorted with this update.

Monster GO! Can be downloaded here:

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