Microsoft has Acquired 6wunderkinder, Both Microsoft and Wunderlist confirms

10:34 PM
Earlier today we got some reports stating Microsoft is looking to acquire 6wunderkinder for 100-200 million dollars from The Wall Street Journal but  we had no confirmation. Now we got confirmation from both the parties that 6wunderkinder and Wunderlist are now a part of Microsoft. Yet we dont know the details of the deal.
Wunderlist and Microsoft has published a blog post announcing the acquisition. Wunderlist currently has 13million+ users who has already created 1 billion+ to do lists. One Note's general manager Eran Megiddo says this acquisition will showcase Microsoft's commitment to deliver markets leading apps and services to all platforms and devices.
Although Wunderlist was bring acquired by Microsoft, 6wunderkinder's CEO says for now nothing will be changing. The Berlin based team will remain same and will continue to work on their product strategy. And in the coming months they will become a part of Microsoft family, will add new features and will continue to grow the ecosystems.
At this time it is not sure that what are the clear terms of the deal and how much did Microsoft pay for the acqusition and what plans Microsoft has with Wunderlist. But it would be interesting to know.

Source: Wunderlist

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