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There are many ways now to have fun in photography and one type of it is the long exposure photography. But long time ago, just big and bulky cameras have the power to shoot them. As technology innovates, mobile phone now has the capability that ables their users to make awesome long exposure photos. One of the phone is the Lumia 1020 that takes you to the wonderful world of long exposure photography. In manual mode , you can make fantastic long exposure photographs and be creative.
Long exposure photography is where the photographer lets the shutter open for several moments to create those streaks of lights which come from the cars passing to the night streets, also make the water falls looks silky. Also you can do your own light painting. With proper settings you can able to make your own work of art.
Right now, many mobile photographers are enjoying this kind of photography. And they post and share it on some sites or blogs to show their masterpiece. I am one proud mobile photographer myself and I post my photos from my Lumia 1020 to an online mobile photo-sharing and social networking service named Instagram. Here you can show the world your photos by posting them and putting related hashtags. You will find many great mobile photographers showing their beautiful shot with their respective camera phones. Some pictures posted there some you can’t imagine that they are just taken by mobile camera. And I see many great photos came from Lumia 1020 users. Just check hashtags like #lumia, #WindowsHive #Lumia1020

On Instagram, I met the guy under the name Zsola11, also a Lumia 1020 user like me. By viewing all his photos, I was amazed and he was really good in his craft. He really has an eye for detail. He is posting street photography, natural landscapes, sunsets and night photography, also macro photography. But one of his specialties that I really admire is his long exposure photography.
Now I want you guys see some of Zsola11’s long-exposure photos. One that posted below is one of my favorites that he posted in Instagram. What I like about this are colors which on the composition that make it stands-out. It seems like the streak of lights is transparent that we can see the background. He has a good perspective in doing this composition. And if you look closer, the yellow streak of light is like a band of symmetrical gold dots. I wonder how it is been captured.

This Photo is composed of thin lines of lights of different colors make itself interesting in a low-light background. It seems like they are colored ropes and yarns. This really shows the power of Lumia 1020 camera’s capability.

One idea in making an interesting subject for long exposure photography is a fast-moving train. In this photo below, captured by Zsola11, created an astounding result. The lights are really look like been stretched to the extent and how marvelous the bright colors blend in.

We asked Zsola11 Some questions regarding Long Exposure Photography:

  • Tell me about yourself Zsola11 and your Lumia 1020.
  • Hello, I'm Zsolt Rézműves (Zsola11) I'm from Hungary, Debrecen City, I'm 29 years old. I'm Mobile Photographer with my black Lumia1020. I really like to use my 1020. I’ve taken pictures using the phone for a year now.   
  • What can you say about Lumia 1020 camera’s features and capability?
  • The 1020 camera is fantastic. The 41MP is very useful for me. The optic is so great, I really like to take pictures with my Lumia 1020 
  • How did you discover about long-exposure photography?
  • I've seen pictures of DSLR’s long exposure pictures and I think I will try it with my mobile phone which is my Lumia 1020. We were standing on a bridge with my girlfriend and there I make shot of my first long expo picture.   
  • What preparation you need to do before shooting long-exposure photography?
  • First is, the tripod stand. It is very important the picture is not to move in. Then, good focus. Manual or automatic, but I used many times manual. Then good timing.
  • What camera app you use in your Lumia to capture your long-exposure photography?
  • All my photos are taken from Lumia Camera app. Everything is with Lumia Camera

  • What are the settings you usually adjust before taking a shot?
  • I set to 4 seconds, ISO 100-200 and flash off. Always adjusting settings according to the lights as I see fit. 
  • Any post-editing you do before posting your photos. If yes, what app or software you used?In editing, I used Adobe Photoshop Express a very good application. Sometimes I used HDR Photo Camera, and Creative Studio. Some RAW pictures are going to Lightroom for fine adjustments.
  •  Among all the long-exposure shot you posted which one you like the best?
  • This road with light streaks is my favorite, because it is really have beautiful colors and it is like a "ride to infinity".

  • What can you say for your fellow mobile photographers which like to try long-exposure photography?
  • Be patience, experiment, and be sure to wait for the result :)

    All Pictures are taken by Zsola11 with his Amazing Nokia Lumia 1020.
    Thanks for Zsola11 for accepting my request for an interview and featuring his best photos in this article. If you want to see his long exposure photography and other photos you can check and follow him on Instagram here also on Twitter here . And this link is his Flicker: https://www.flickr.com/photos/131058684@N03/. 

    Interview by Rexsel Meñez Sarabia

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