Leak: Windows 10 Mobile build 10149 will have flash light toggle, new UI for Microsoft Edge and many more

9:57 AM
Last week Microsoft released Windows 10 Mobile build 10136 for the insiders. It has many changes in it. And also it is more stable than previous builds. Today msmobile.pl released some pics of the next build. From what they are saying its build 10149. And will be released next week.

Here are the changes according to them:

  • Additional row of shortcuts in the expanded action centre.

  • New shortcuts including a Flashlight and a Data toggle.

  • Edge browser increased from version 16.10136.0.0. to 19.10149.0.0, now has the address bar at the bottom of the screen

  • Option for Mobile or Desktop view added to Edge browser

  • The app list on the start screen has cosmetic improvements – no frame around the letters in the jump list and the search bar now has a dark background 

They also particularly mentioned that the performance is much closer to windows phone 8.1. The great news here is its going to come in a week :)

Source: msmobile.pl via WMPU 

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