Invert it! puzzle a simple addictive #windowsphone puzzle game

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As the name suggests invert it puzzle is a puzzle game. It's very addictive, simple to play and easy to learn. It has many levels with varying difficulty. The game has two simple rules, the board consists of two coloured dots. Tap on one dot to change the colour of its neighbouring dots. And like that try to transform the  whole board of dots in to same colour in less number of moves.
You can even retract as many moves you want if you want to.  The game has a lot of levels(500+). As you start playing the game you will be given only one theme(Red-Blue). Here theme basically means the different coloured dots on the board.  As you advance in the game depending on the number of stars you earn new themes will be unlocked. The game basically has 4 groups of levels based on their difficulty.

  1. Starter pack, has 68 levels is the basic level(min moves enough to win).
  2. Regular pack, has 150 levels with  difficulty level high (5-10 moves need to win). 
  3. Shapes pack, has 150 levels with variable difficulty and it features some special obstacles in the board. 
  4. 9x9 ultra pack, has 150 levels features extra 9x9 levels (min 7-15 moves needed to win )
As all the puzzle games you will find the difficulty level will be increasing as you progress through the game. The game also has achievements. Has over 15+ themes to choose from, which you can even change in the middle of a game too. Sound effects are good. But the vibration for every move was very annoying, but can be turned off in the settings page anyway. 
Overall the gameplay and UI is great. The game is very innovative. As I moved through levels i found that the earning process is very great. But need to be very attentive and remember the moves in previous levels. That will help a lot. If you are  fan of Puzzle games, Invert it! Puzzle is your game. Go for it. 
Download Invert it! Puzzle from here or scan the QR- code below.

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