Find how identical you are to the other person with microsoft's new website

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It looks like these day Microsoft is finding new ways to make us laugh. Today they released a new tool that check and analyze two pics and predict if they both are twins or not. It operates on the same machine learning API of previously released, a tool which determines how old you look from its machine learning memory. It gave out some hilarious answers making some viral social media posts for us.
Twins or not
The new site too operates on the basis of same face recognition API used on to detect and match the faces. It gives a twin score out after analyzing the faces ranging from 0-100. And this new tool too has vomited out some hilarious predictions out. Making it more fun to use it. Mat Valloso the developer who created the tool has said its been created in just 4 hours, yes literally 4 hours. He used Microsoft's face recognition API coupled with Azure cloud services. He also says the tool has not been tested. Judging from the time scale he mentioned you can easily get how easy it is to create such fun tools using Microsoft's API.  We can expect more tools of this kind soon. And if you are wondering your pictures are not stored anywhere after they are being analyzed they get deleted from the severs. So what are you waiting for just give it a try.
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