Cut the Box Down an addictive Physics based Puzzle game for Windows phone

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Cut the box down is an addictive windows phone puzzle game. It is based on physics. In the game basically you need to cut the box in such a way that all the box will fall of the bricks. There are four kinds of boxes in the game.

  1. Pink box, this box will get cut when you draw a line across it and gravity effects it downwards
  2. Blue box, this also gets cut when you draw across it but gravity effects it upwards, so when it gets free it goes upward.
  3. Green box, this too get cut and the gravity effects it downwards but its not counted in the game. It's like a dummy but helps you finish the game. 
  4. Orange box, it is another dummy box, gravity effects it in downward direction. But it doesn't get cut. What ever you do it remains intact.
Sounds crazy right. But while playing you will enjoy it a lot. You will get a limited number of cuts to make  the boxes fall off the rock. It's a simple task. But as you progress the levels it gets more and more difficult. If its taking a lot of time for you to figure out the way you need to cut the box you will get a hint if you wait long enough. There are about 80 levels in the game, each with their own set of difficulty. 
Overall the game is quite addictive to play. But once you complete certain levels it become almost impossible to get to next level. The star rating in the game is great. As each level is tested by the developer, we know that there is a possibility to complete all the levels. So that's a relief and another reason to keep on trying. The game is released on 20th may and  has 125 ratings with total 5-star rating in the store. This itself speaks out how addictive the game is. 

Download the game from here or Scan the QR-code below

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