CONCEPT: Microsoft Lumia Moduler Phone with 35mm Carl Zeiss Interchangeable Lens

8:27 PM
To say in one line, the evolution of Camera Phone. A phone that is Microsoft Lumia and has 35mm Carl Zeiss interchangeable lens. Have you ever thought how will this phone look like? and how you will feel if you ever get your hands on this monster camera phone? Lets see how this can actually happen.

This phone comes with 35mm Carl Zeiss interchangeable lens. The phone uses the same camera sensor that Lumia 1020 employs and gets a special lens accessory to take advantage of the full features.

The bulky part on the right side is for battery and we can see a soft touch plastic grip. We have a got a large display and a manual focus lens. We have got memory slot with the battery.

The phone really looks cool specially for the photographers. I would really like to get my hands on this phone if possible. what about you?

via : Coroflot

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