An 8 character message can crash Skype if sent or received

9:46 AM
A rather nasty bug in skye came in to light, It is only affecting skype for windows desktop, Android and iOS apps. But the windows store apps and Mac app doesn't seem to be affected. The 8 character message when sent to others the app seems to be crashing and continues to crash everytime you open the app. Making the service unusable.

"Skype users have discovered a rather nasty bug in the app. Sending the
characters “http://:” (without the quotes) crashes Skype, and receiving a
message with those characters makes it crash any time you try to sign in again. The bug works as described on Windows, Android, and iOS. It does not, however, seem to have any effect on Skype for Mac," says Emil Protalinski, writer at VentureBeat.
Skype will crash if you send these 8 characters to your friends or family 
Microsoft has responded saying they are already aware of this major bug and are working on the fix. But so far they haven't specified when the fix will be out. For now if you are recipient of such a message, you will have to downgrade to version 6 and also the sender has to delete the message from their end, otherwise skype will keep on crashing. 

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