Windows 10 Mobile Mouse and keyboard functionality being explained in a new emulator video

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Microsoft has added support for keyboard in Windows phone 8.1 update 2 but the update is only available for Lumia 640 and 640xL other than that it can only function as a typing aid. But the OS doesn't support keyboard short cuts as in PC. But with Windows 10 mobile it will support keyboard short cuts. Along with key board support we know that windows 10 mobile is also going to support mouse pad too thanks to recent leaks.

A recently surfaced video shows how keyboard and mouse pad function in Windows 10 mobile. The video is posted by McAkins online and showcases emulator running build 10069 of windows 10 mobile which is loaded in Hyper V.

Features of mouse pad :

  • When a mouse is connected to phone you can see the mouse pointer on the screen.
  • You can change the primary mouse button according to your convenience
  • When you hover the pointer over certain elements of the app those element get highlighted(just like on PC) and also some elements even show up tool tips
  • Support for scrolling with mouse wheel
  • You can also click on scroll buttons for scrolling
  • Click and drag selects text instead of scrolling

Features of keyboard:
  • Support for Windows key
  • support for arrow keys
  • When app or element is being selected you can use enter button to launch the element
  • Support for Esc key (Esc key now function as back button)
  • Support for special keyboard short cuts like cut, copy, select all, paste, shift + arrow keys to select text, delete for deleting the text
  • Support for home key, page up, page down

All these new features work only with new Windows Universal apps. Because for Windows Phone 8.1 there not concept of mouse and keyboard. 
These new features will be a great addition to Continuum for Phones.what do you think ? Let us know in the comments below. 

Source:McAkins Online via: WC

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