Win a Lumia 1520 with PicHit Photo Contest

5:44 PM
Photo sharing website are hosting a contest offering a Lumia 1520 as the prize to the winner. Anyone wanting to enter should read on:
We challenge you to take a photo of your smartphone taking a photo.
The smartphone in your photo may be in any number of situations, including
– a really nice location as it takes a photo;
– as your friend takes a photo;
– as it sits on a very nice background, etc.
The photo can be captured on any camera at all, but a smartphone must be within the image you submit to be eligible to participate in the contest. Post as many photos as you like to this mission.
In addition to the winning photo receiving the prize, each participant will be rewarded with $1 instantly. How awesome is that?
But it gets even better. One lucky winner among the images that have received the most likes will win the Grand Prize. The prize is a new Lumia 1520 along with a Microsoft treasure tag for the winner of the most fabulous photo of a smartphone device in a nice location.
The winner will be chosen from the top 10 most liked images and a panel will choose the winner from that select bunch.
For more information on this contest click the link HERE. To take a look at the pictures others have entered click HERE.
The contest ends at 4:29 AM on 4th June 2015 with the winner announced later that month. Good luck to all that enter.

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