WhatsApp Video Optimizer update brings Youtube support and more

11:14 AM

WhatsApp is the most popular, and most widely used messaging platform with more than 800 million users worldwide, followed by Facebook with 600 million. Although, being popular on platforms like iOS and Android , the Windows Phone app still lacks some nifty useful features like the ability to send mp3's, selecting/forwarding multiple messages to a contact and few more.

Video Optimizer for Whatsapp

Video Optimizer for WhatsApp  is a life saver when sending videos on WhatsApp because the maximum allowed file size is a mere 16 MB which is very less when we talk of sending a good high quality video recordings to a friend or a family member. The app lets you send music/videos by compressing the video to respect the 16 MB file size limitation.

The version 1.3 of WhatsApp Video Optimizer is now live in the store which lets you download and compress YouTube videos within the app and share through WhatsApp.

  • Select single or multiple videos to convert
  • Record videos within the app
  • Convert music files so they can be send through WhatsApp
  • Open WhatsApp when finished converting
  • Convert videos with custom settings
  • Download and optimize Youtube videos
New in V1.3.0.0
  • Added option to download from YouTube
  • Added Dutch and Portugese translations
However, the app is paid and ready for buy at $0.99

If you are willing to try out the load of features, you can download the latest version here

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