Two ways to Logout of Messenger app without needing to change the password or re-install

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Historically the only ways to logout of the messenger app is to re-install the app or just change your Facebook account's password. The first one most people wont do because you end up wasting 5MB of your precious data just to logout of a stupid app. And the second one too no one will do because you may not be able to keep track of the new password, so...risky. What if I tell i have two other methods to logout of messenger app without any of those risks and also no need to waste much amount of your data.
1)Remove the active sessions: 
  • Goto 
  • scroll down and tap on privacy and security
  • security
  • active sessions
  • or just click here
  • then remove the device with device type named windows. (that's the device name of messenger for Windows Phone)
This tip is suggested by our group member
Jibesh Saha thanks to him we learnt an useful tip. 

2) Through messenger app:

  • Open the app and tap the three dots in the bottom right corner
  • goto settings tap on privacy and terms
  • then tap more resources
  • goto developer payment terms 
  • wait till the page fully loads then tap back button
  • you will see a basic style Facebook in there at the bottom you will have a logout button just tap on that  and close the app 
  • after reopening the app you will be prompted to input the login credentials
I found this method from 

So now you have two tricks to logout of messenger app. Share it with your windows phone friends and let them know. 

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