The Ultimate guide To taking Black and White Lumia Photos!

11:15 AM
black and white with a boy

You only have to look around to see that when it comes to photography, these days color is king. Nonetheless, there’s still something magical about black and white photography

  • Try to retain the small details in the shot. Don’t go too harsh on contrast or you’ll loose all the details. It’s not always possible to get clean whites and blacks so keep it grey. Grey looks good.
  • Use high contrast and low brightness. Mornings and evenings are good time to take black and white pictures because of the low brightness.

  • Go for manual settings and always keep high contrast

  • Don’t walk around looking specifically black and white pictures, but sometimes  try converting coloured ones into black and white.

  • Take a high colour image then turn the vibrance down, up the highlights and lower the shadows. It works a treat.

  • Try different apps like Instagram, Hipstamatic oggl or Fantasia painter.

After you are done don't forget to share your best photos with us. Send your best shots to to see them at Nokia Lumia users Community Photography Portal Facebook page and our Instagram account.

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