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Do you have a smart TV at home? Can you stream your mobile content or your favorite Youtube videos on your LED or LCD Screen?
IF you think Gogole’s USB Drive sized Chromecast is the answer, then you really need to think once more.

The product we are reviewing today is Teewe and we must admit that the device lives upto the expectations. I tries to be your savior and alternative to the Chromecast, for sure.  How is it and can it really deliver same quality as the Google's OEM? How can you use it on your LED/ LCD TV and from your Windows Phone? You'll find all the answers below.

Teewe is a USB-like device with an HDMI port that connects to your LED or LCD TV and offers you media-streaming kind of service via the Wifi. Very competitively priced at just Rs. 1,999; it is available in the country from their product site and Flipkart. Developed and marketed by a tech start up called – Mango Man Consumer Electronics and really has the power to change how mass consume the new media through internet.  To use this masterpiece,  you'll need a wireless network in the room/area where the device is to be used.


·         Size: 3.2 inch
·         Weight: 40 grams
·         App: Teewe for Android, iOS and now Windows Phone
·         CPU: 1.5 GHz dual-core processor
·         RAM: 1GB
·         Connectivity: Inbuilt Wi-Fi router, HDMI port, supports Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n for streaming
·         Price: Rs 1,999

How to use?
Connecting Teewe is very simple.  Connect Teewe onto you TV (through the HDMI port) plug in a power supply to the device and then you’ll notice the device light up, which assures that the connection was successfully established. Search and choose the Wifie Network you want to connect to and that’s it. Your TV becomes smarter than you ever thought it could ever be.

How to use Windows Phone App?
The great news is that the Windows Phone app is now available for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 users, and hence streaming your favorite content from youtube directly to your “new” smart TV is going to be much more fun. Teewe allows you to watch YouTube videos, your phone media, media on your laptop, the latest trending videos all on your phone or on your TV.

This app is already available for android and IOS and enjoys good ratings and reviews. Download the Tewee App for Windows Phones here.

From the original source:

The Teewe app is your one stop center for all your media. Online or offline!

Teewe intends to be the easiest possible way to access your media at the tap of a finger. Teewe allows you to watch YouTube videos, your phone media, media on your laptop, the latest trending videos all on your phone. What's more is that we have a team of dedicated Ninjas working 24/7 to curate the best content there is - All for you.

The Teewe app is best enjoyed with the Teewe dongle! Take your entertainment to the big screen:

"Play anything on your TV at any time with the tap of a finger", sounds like a lazy man's ambition doesn't it. Teewe is one device which we believe can achieve this goal. Teewe is an HDMI Dongle, which allows you to stream media wirelessly via a smartphone application to your Television. Get the device home, plug it to your TV's HDMI and download the app and you are good to go!

Order Teewe here : http://teewe.in/order.html

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