Take a brief look a new Video app for Windows 10 Mobile in the new video

7:06 PM

Leaks of photos and videos of new build of windows 10 mobile are coming to surface in the recent days more often as microsoft is making improvements to its upcoming mobile OS.
Windowscenter.ir has manged to get their hands on one of such builds. And they are now quietly releasing videos and pics into the internet. 

In the above video they show how the video app in Windows 10 mobile functions briefly on a Lumia 1320. They report that video has become very fast. As you can see the app now follows windows 10 design and incorporates new hamburger menu on the top left corner of the screen. And also it is having a folder navigation and they report that new videos that are downloaded from web will show up in folders without any issue. further more they that the app supports .mkv format too. 

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