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Some time while going around in a new place you might want to trace back to the same exact location from where you started or just want to remember the same the same route in which you came there because there something you might to visit again. Although windows phones have a natively a great mapping facility there is lack of this kind of feature. No worries yet GPS navigator recorder will help you with that. GPS navigator is an alternative to your traditional navigation apps. Normally in a traditional navigation app, say Here Maps, you would set a destination point and it will find a route for you and guide you through via voice guided navigation till you reach your destination point that's it. But with this app you can trace the route in which you came on the map and save it to your device. And you can replay these steps while you navigate the next time to the same location.
You can also import/export the route file to onedrive(in the app it is given as skydrive). The app can also function as a compass if you need. The app in total have 4 operational modes. The developer also made an excellent video explaining all the modes of operation, you must check it out 
Here is a list of features:
  • Compass
  • Gps navigation
  • Track your route on map
  • Follow me on map
  • Replay a route previously stored
  • Save a route in your device
  • Import/export a local file on Sky Drive
  • Share touristic itineraries
  • Webcams nearby your position
  • Launch here maps app
You can download the app from here or just scan the QR given below

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