Motorola all set to join Windows Phone league, testing a new phone

Unknown 8:05 AM

The screenshot above doesn't really reveals much about the release date or the availability or detailed specification about the new phone, but if this piece of information is to be believed, then Motorola might soon try to heat up the Windows Phone marketplace.

The information from Rightware highlights a Motorola Windows Phone “Motorola Solutions TC70xx11″; running Windows Phone 8.1, hosts a 720p display and a dual-core processor with an average score of 497, which is not that exciting.  So, as we just mentioned that not too much can be said about the launch details, but this is for sure that Motorola is testing out a Windows Phone.

Are you excited? How will Microsoft take it – a competition or a spread of Windows Phone community? Let’s wait for the phone to come out. Leave your comments below.

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