Some More changes found in recent Windows10 mobile Builds

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Recently the internet is been lit up with leaked pictures from windows 10 mobile build 10072. And covered those leaked pics in a separate post explaining the changes with some good screen shots we got from our sources. This post is a continuation for it. 
Mouse Pad Settings!

Wireless mouse and Touchpad support

We already know wireless mouse pad support coming to windows 10 but not yet seen in any recent builds. Its having an Updated UI.

Oh see! They changed the Name....

Internet Sharing becomes Mobile hotspot ....?

The UI is little bit changed from that of Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2. But it retains the old toggle buttons and UI of Windows Phone 8.1.
Look! New Setting...

Spam filter for calls...

You can choose which app could filter the spam calls and give caller ID for incoming and outgoing calls. We can see more apps like true caller in the future may be. 

You can see even now most the settings is having some of the old UI and old toggles. Don't worry they will update it later, says Nawzil
He says these pics are from build 1007x.

Do you like the new changes? comment below. 

Source: Nawzil

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