Monster Go! launched for Windows Phone ahead of schedule

8:40 AM
The new game from Game Troopers, Monster Go! has been launched ahead of schedule. The game is made possible by a collaboration of Game troopers with thinkBox studios(original developers).
Monster Go is a hybrid RPG runner game. It comes with the classic 2D graphics. The main theme of the game is to run as long as you can through the game by collecting coins, defeating villains etc,..
You will have choice of selecting one the three characters dog, sheep, or fox. As you advance through the levels your character will evolve to higher form. As you have guessed its like a pokemon evolution. There are many monsters available in the game for you to defeat. Some great bosses with awesome looking worlds. You will have many weapons to buy from the store using the coins you earned by playing. You can buy upgrades, skills and many more from the store.

Monster Go! comes with Xbox integration so every achievement you make you get Xbox gold. The game also has an endless mode if your are ready to face the strongest of monsters. Check out the trailer above to know how the game will be like.
The game is a free 95MB download from store and yes 512MB RAM supported. You can download the game by clicking here of just scan the QR-code below.

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